Guidance and Counseling

Coldwell Counselor

Angelique Dianne Orci, M.Ed., M.A. 

Our Students at Coldwell Elementary School participate in a wide range of school counseling services that are developmentally appropriate for each grade level, and are generally preventative in nature. My goals are to promote and enhance our students learning by providing the following services:

 School counseling involves all students through the use of four components, Guidance Curriculum Responsive Services, Individual Planning and System Support.

All students dignity and culture, including race, ethnicity, gender, abilities, socioeconomic status, will always be respected and valued. 

It is my mission as a school counselor to recognize the unique attributes of each student where I may facilitate, empower and nurture students to succeed socially, educationally, and in their career development. This is accomplished by collaborating with our faculty, students, parents, social worker, as well as with members of the community. My counseling program maintains high expectations for all students; I aim to provide all of our students with the skills to become effective life long learners and productive members of our community.

My Counseling Philosophy and Beliefs...

*  All children will always come first!

* All students shall be successful!

* All students will turn their cant's into I can!

* All students will always feel safe at school!

* All students will believe in themselves and will be optimistic!

* All students will be treated with respect!

School counseling is an essential and integral part of the overall education process.

Smile everyday! :)

Please feel free to contact me via school e-mail at, by phone at 

915-236-8525, or simply stop by anytime! ❤