Mr. Jose Gijon, Principal

My name is Jose Enrique Gijon and I am proud to be the principal of one of the best schools in EPISD. My journey into education began 19 years ago at Alta Vista Elementary. I began my career as a computer lab assistant and then went on to become a special education teacher at the same campus. After working several years with special needs children, I moved on to become the site specialist for Alta Vista and Burleson Elementary.

                A few years later I was promoted to Assistant Principal, serving two EPISD schools simultaneously, Coldwell and Dowell. The opportunity came up two years ago for me to become the principal at Coldwell and I was honored to be considered and appointed to the position.

                My goal as your school’s principal is to provide every child with the best educational opportunities available; to create a positive, nurturing atmosphere, where every student feels valued and respected. I want to create a learning environment where all students are challenged and are expected to work to their full potential.

             I welcome your comments and your suggestions. My doors are always open to parents, teachers, and students. I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve the Coldwell Community and make a promise the best learning experience for your child.


Mr. Ruben Campos, Assistant Principal

Ms.Angelique Dianne Orci, Conselor M.Ed.,M.A.

For information about me , Please visit my website.